To build a successful self sustaining eco-system you need to know



First and foremost, what landscape will you be planting? Tropical, high veld, or desert? This will determine the enclosure, open or closed, this will also determine the amount of sunlight and water it will require.


Choose a glass big enough for your hands to maneuver around, tall enough for plants to stand and grow and spacious enough for vapors to evaporate and condensate.

Air Ratio

70:30 is the magic number, 70% air, 30% soil layers is the perfect ratio. Do not over stuff your terrarium with plants or risk mold growth. Have enough space for plants and air to move around.

Soil Layering

Layering of soil is not a pretty gimmick but a functional one. In the follow order from bottom to top, pebbles, activated charcoal and soil. Pebbles prevent water from being spoilt, activated charcoal filters the water and soil is not only a medium for the plants to grow on but captures heat to allow for evaporation.

Water cycles

As night falls water drop from the condensation around the glass and sinks to the bottom of the glass and sit alongside the pebbles. Why pebbles? As the sun rises, the temperature increases and water begin to rise throughout the activated charcoal through the soil into the plants and evaporates until it’s trapped along the glass roof and the cycle repeats at sunset.

Secret Ingredients

I’m not making this up but there are a few things you need to keep the soil healthy and inspire recycling from the dead matter as plants grow. Come join us in one of class to find out the key to unlocking the cycle of life.

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